What games to look forward to in 2012 

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Top 10 PC Games Coming Up In 2012

Here are 10 most exciting PC games to be released this year.
10. Firefall
Red 5 Studios is coming up with Firefall. This is a game that is expected to rock the floors. The trailer suggests that you can choose any one of the numerous shooter modes. And the scenarios are really good looking. And there is a nice story as well. Well, it sounds good.
9. Prey 2
Human Head Studios pushes the envelope this year with the sequel to their hugely popular horror actioner Prey. Prey 2 sees a new male hero Marshall Killian Samuels. Instead of the pulpy scares of the original, this one is a neo-noir thriller and it will be more inventive and spectacular than ever.
8. Tera
It is possibly one of the year’s most anticipated third-person shooters. The main hero can dodge and swiftly move away from the line of fire and score easy shots over enemies. Well, it is quite unusual and thus so exciting as well.
 7. Borderlands 2
‘Borderlands’ was a hell of a funny and energetic actioner. But Borderlands 2 promises to be bigger in fun and action. The character is there all right but there are more guns and advanced weapons to choose from. You can also choose between different modes as well.
6. XCOM Enemy Unknown
This is one of the most involving and entertaining games in recent times. It involves training your own army and coming back to defeat the bad guys. It will be a lot of fun.
5. Mass Effect 3
The final chapter of the Mass Effect saga will finally be out this year. There will be some smooth gameplay, stunning graphics and a clever plot as well.
4. Bioshock Infinite
While it is being anticipated elsewhere as well, this crazy inventive game will be a hit on PC as well.
3. Star Craft 2
It will be the ultimate game in base building and clever strategic combat and warfare.
2- Guild Wars 2
The sequel to Guild Wars is expected to have better graphics and more multiplayer facilities this year.
1.      Diablo 3
The threequel promises to be the biggest one of the series.

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